What's on the idiot box in Cambodia?

Wed 17 November 2010

My apartment comes with cable tv. Here's a sampling of what I've seen this week.

The Khmer karaoke channel is always on. Channel 0, first on the dial.

A Khmer children's show with puppets. They were talking about numbers. Looks like they talk about letters too. I came in near the end, so didn't learn much.

I also found Sesamstraat, the Dutch edition of Sesame Street. It features Big Bird's blue cousin, Pino. I caught one Muppet skit. Two muppets were on a boat. One was asking a lot of questions about Spain. The other kept saying "Nope", or something like it. The first muppet finally lost it and asked a question. The second one said, "This is a boat to England". Here's an Ernie and Bert skit.

Soap operas in Japanese, Hindi, and Chinese. The Chinese one had a character that looked like Mao Tse Tung. I used to speak proficient soap opera. It's rusty, but it comes back quickly.

David Hasselhof found a second career in Germany. Tom and Jerry have found theirs here on the Cartoon Network. So many episodes to catch up on! Garfield is riding on their tailcoats, but not achieving the same success.

I watched the opening ceremonies of the Asian Games. It's the first time I've seen an opening ceremony without commercial interruption or NBC's nattering.

The Italian channel is the Fashion Channel. They show a stream of runway shows from Milan, and Paris. It was Lingerie Weekend, which is their version of Shark Week. Once in a while they air a talk show, where an exquisitely dressed panel discusses the day's horoscope at length.

The German channel's Week In Rock covered Scorpion's farewell tour. Get tickets while you can.

Both the BBC and CNN are in a frenzy over Prince William's engagement.

The Indian channel shows either a home shopping or a call-in advice program. I'm really not sure which it is.

I get HBO and Cinemax as well, which I'd cancelled at home. I'm watching Glee and the United States of Tara. I prefer watching a whole season on Netflix than waiting for new episodes. It's an unexpected treat, though. Watchmen and the latest Star Trek movie are on this month too.

Laundry detergent commercials are the Esperanto of ads. A well dressed mom-slash-housewife who is thrilled - THRILLED! - as she stands in her beautiful house. Children scamper by in soft clothing. She beams. Cut to the detergent bottle. The giveaway is the unnatural smile, the kind that's only achieved with mood elevators or detergent fragrance.

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