Two Good Restaurants

Sun 17 October 2010

With no kitchen of my own at the guesthouse, I go out for meals. I've found two very good restaurants so far. Noted here for the next Googling traveler.

Khmer Kitchen is across the street from the Old Market. The Old Market is the heart of the tourist area. Think Faneuil Hall in Boston. Now imagine hearing there's a restaurant there that's cheap, delicious, and popular with the locals. What are the odds? I was skeptical when my coworker said it was good. In three visits, I've tried sauteed morning glory greens with shrimp, garlic chicken, and khmer dumplings. Yum, yum, and yum.

I followed the recommendation of WikiTravel to 5 Sons Restaurant. 5 Sons is approximately here, a short walk down the street opposite Cambodia Bank on Sivatha. I don't know why WikiTravel called this 'modestly expensive'. I had stir-fried beef, carrots, and greens over broad rice noodles for $2. The owner told me they've been open for a month. In addition to Cambodian food, they listed Thai, Chinese, and Western. I hope they stick around so I can work my way through their menu.

Category: Food