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Sat 31 July 2010

One of the goodies the travel clinic gave me was typhoid vaccine pills.

I feel a knee-jerk pang horror when I hear 'typhoid'.  There's typhoid in my fridge, next to the butter dish.   Reason explains calmly that it's inactive, perfectly safe, backed by years of scientific research. Instinct replies if Reason likes science so much why doesn't it marry it, and take the capsules on the honeymoon while Instinct washes the fridge down in bleach.

I suspect the manufacturers know this. Here's the  instruction pamphlet:


It makes me giggle every time I see it.  The art reminds me of Time Out with Timer:


Goofy as it is, I admire the graphic designer's  technique.  The directions aren't rocket science, but they're specific. And again, 'typhoid' is not a word that does well in focus groups, even when paired with 'vaccine'.

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