The to-do list: three weeks left

Thu 09 September 2010

Here's this week's to-do list:

  • Ship it! The shipping window for online orders is growing smaller. Last call soon.

  • Begin heaping. I lack a good sense of what I have, what's missing, and whether I'm overpacking. A bare corner has become the dedicated heap spot. Everything that's coming to Cambodia goes there.

  • Start saying goodbye. I saw many friends this weekend who I won't see until next summer. My neighbors threw a surprise party. I didn't suspect a thing until people showed up on my porch! Very sneaky! I'm humbled by all their encouragement.

    It makes me wistful to hear people's plans for fall. I'm looking forward to my adventure, but I'll miss sharing theirs.

  • Turn my home back into a house. I packed most pictures and tchochkes. It's another way to become less settled.

  • Pack up, redux. I made good progress last week. The empty space restores some order, which is a relief.

  • Medical & Dental
    My biggest to-do is to get a 10 month supply of prescriptions. I'm very close to missing the window after shipping and processing, but I'll make it.

    This will come mostly out of pocket. My beloved independent pharmacy couldn't do much to bring down the price, so I turned to online pharmacies. had the best rates. I'm trying to find the path of least irritation for my doctor to submit the prescription.

    I was shocked by the range of medication prices. One site charged roughly ten times the lowest price, for a total in the thousands. The search sites that compared prices didn't uncover any bargains. The site-by-site legwork paid off.

    Other items are canceling the dentist appointment I made five months ago and submitting my last flexible spending account receipts.
  • Paperwork Switch remaining accounts to paperless statements and online payment. Notify banks and credit cards of travel plans. Some allow this online.

  • Extra credit: start closing accounts with utilities and services.

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