The Jerry Lewis Question

Sat 04 June 2011

In French class we spent an hour talking about cultural stereotypes.  Each of us shared stereotypes about our country, and stereotypes our country has of France. I recounted this at dinner with my Famille.  Feeling bold, I asked "Well, what about Jerry Lewis? Is it true he's really popular here?"

Oh yes.

Really? Really?? It's not just a cliche?

My main exposure to Jerry Lewis was through the MDA telethon.  I admit, that's not a fair trial, so  I explored  his oeuvre on YouTube.

My conclusions:

Jerry Lewis is a very talented physical actor, in the same way that Jim Carrey and Rowan Atkinson are.

I don't like comedy that makes me squirm for the protagonist.  I didn't enjoy The Mask either, or  Mr. Bean. I suppose that's a testament to an acting job well done.  If they were ineffective, I wouldn't be invested enough to squirm.  1950s movies don't do much for me either.

All that said, I'm curious to see his later work, such as Arizona Dreaming, and his guest apperance on The Simpsons.

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