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Wed 04 August 2010

Before beginning, plan carefully.  -Cicero

There are a lot of unknown logistics behind wrapping up life here and starting it there. Once again, the library was my first stop.

The Expert Expat: Your Guide to Successful Relocation Abroadimage0 is written by two self-described "diplomatic spouses with a combined total of 33 years of overseas experience and 19 international moves". It shows. If you're moving overseas, start with this book. They give advice on how to move your family and household, how to adjust more quickly, and some kinds of cross-cultural issues to think about.

One useful tidbit was the importance of a local sponsor, who can help with the immediate, day-to-day challenges of getting settled. I'm lucky; my organization has already been helpful here. The chapter on maintaining ties with friends and family also had good ideas.

The title of The Grown-Up's Guide to Running Away from Homeimage1 was irresistible. It's more oriented to encouraging you to take the plunge. The author demystified things like phones, mail forwarding, and handling taxes from a distance. The chapters on finances were thorough and thoughtful.

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