Still Life with Fruit

Mon 03 January 2011

Clockwise: pineapple, orange, tamarinds, miel fruit, mango, and lemon. All from the fruit seller near work.

Tamarinds and miel fruit are new to me. The tamarind shell is thin and crunchy, like an egg shell. Inside is a sticky fruit as long as your finger, with big seeds. It tastes like figs and rosewater, with a little sourness. The Soup Dragon sells tamarind juice, with chunks of tamarind and sugar on ice, and a sprinkle of roasted peanuts on top.

I suspect "miel fruit" is spelled differently. It's fleshy with big seeds, like other tropical fruit. It has a light, sweet taste in the middle. It gets bitter as you get closer to the skin.

I was reminded that mangos grow on trees when this plopped down on our table at a cafe. So small! So cute! They'll be ripe in March, at which time the tables will be moved away from the mango trees.

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