Staying connected: keeping my phone number

Mon 09 August 2010

Elizabeth at Go Green, Travel Green describes my experience with AT&T so far.

I want to park my cell phone number somewhere so I can resume using it when I come home. Unfortunately, the cheapest iPhone plan is $30/month, and that's voice-only. I'm not going to pay $240 for a plan I'm not using. I asked AT&T if they had a prepaid plan I could transfer my number to. They said no, $30/month was my lowest option.

I found a cheap, pre-paid plan, but I'd never heard of the vendor. Then I found Elizabeth's post. Deja-vu; we could have been speaking to the same AT&T reps.

"And finally the offer that got me: The representative told me I can roll my phone plan over to a “Go Plan”, so that I could pay as I go and buy the minimum of $25 worth of minutes. Since I won’t be using the minutes it will only cost $25. As long as I either renew the service or use some of the minutes within 90 days ... I can keep my number. When I return to the States I can roll it back over to a regular AT&T plan."

A friend repeated her caution about using minutes or adding $5 periodically so the plan doesn't self-cancel.

Thanks, Elizabeth! Thanks, Brian!

Next up: setting up Google Voice to get my voicemail.

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