Spotted in Bangkok

Sat 05 February 2011

I went on a weekend getaway to Bangkok with some ex-pat friends. It was a luxury to travel with them, as they knew the city and arranged all the transportation. I felt quite spoiled.

It was a short trip, and I only caught glimpses of the city. Bangkok is a modern Asian city, with a train system, malls, movie theaters, and traffic jams. There were plenty of reminders that it is an Eastern city.


Bangkok has made an industry of medicine. There were ads in the subway and tourist maps for liposuction, cosmetic surgery, and a dental clinic that was open 24/7 and offered free limo transport.

Bangkok is known for its street food. In some neighborhoods it seemed like there was another restaurant or cart every ten feet, and all of them delicious. I wish I had taken more photos, or at least gotten down the names of more dishes.

We visited the Siam Paragon mall, which was so high-end that it was more of an amusement park than shopping center. In addition to all the designer stores, they have an IMAX, a bowling alley, a Whole Foods style grocery store, and an aquarium. The Kinokyunia bookstore had three juge sections of Thai, English, and Chinese books. I picked up a couple books that weren't available in Siem Reap or on the Kindle.

The McDonald's had the scariest clown statue ever. I didn't quite capture his predatory lean from this angle.


All the Chinese New Years decorations were up. Happy Year of the Rabbit!


It was good to take a little break from Siem Reap, and good to come back.

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