Seasons Turn

Sun 10 April 2011

We've been sneaking up on rainy season. Over the last month the river has crept above the mud line, and the grass has turned from parched to green. We suddenly switched from occasional sprinkles to real rain. There were two large storms last week. The second was so loud that it woke me up at four in the morning. As I marveled at how hard it was raining the intensity ratcheted up twice.

I've broken out my rainy season clothes. This took all of five minutes, when I found my rain poncho under the bed. My sweater, last worn on the airplane in October, is still in the suitcase. I've stowed an extra plastic bag under my bicycle seat to keep it dry, and left a dish towel in my desk to pat my hair dry.

At dinner I talked about climates with an Ecuadorean and a Singaporean. Their home climates are the same most of the year. I described the quarterly rotation of clothes from closet to plastic bins in the attic. ( They remarked it must take a lot of storage space. ) It's as much a seasonal milestone as removing the plastic window insulation, the first night it's still light when I leave work, and finally stowing the snow shovels and windshield scrapers in the basement. I've lost my bearings. I keep thinking it's August, and that the red flowers on a tree are the first autumn leaves turning.

Soon I can look forward to daily rains and slightly mildewey clothes. I got a little taste of rainy season in October, but the real thing will be a shock.

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