Phones, Redux

Sun 26 September 2010

Parking my phone number has been the peskiest chore.

I spent a lot of time this week trying to remain an AT&T customer. I thought I could move my number to a Go Phone. I've been satisfied enough with AT&T, and figured it would be smoother to transfer within one vendor than switch.

Not so. Because I'm already an AT&T customer and breaking my iPhone contract, I'm not allowed to assign this number to a prepaid phone. "Suspending" my service, costs almost as much as tossing my phone in a drawer for ten months.

Now I'm a Verizon customer. They parked my number on their 1 year/$100 prepaid plan, and I already own a compatible phone and charger. I'll still be able to use the minutes when I return. I'm in. No hard feelings, AT&T. I'm not getting what I need from our relationship any more.

The lesson of all this: next time, start early and confirm everything up to the point of moving the number. I suspect my situation is unusual and unprofitable, and AT&T wasn't prepared for it.

The final plan:
1) Park my phone number on a Verizon prepaid plan.
2) Wrap it in Google Voice for voicemail.
3) Use Skype to call home.
4) Get a local phone in Cambodia - if I need one.
5) Get used to not having a web phone. Withdrawal will be harsh, but it will build character.

It's ridiculous to have spent so much time on phones when I spend so little time talking on them.

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