Om Nom Nom

Fri 22 October 2010

My vocabulary has balanced out after a couple more language lessons. I now know four words for "to eat", as well as "to drink", food, Cambodian food, meal, rice, noodles, cake, bread, coffee, tea, water, shake, mango, coconut, bananna, corn, and delicious.

"To eat" and "meal" are easy to remember. "To eat" is nhyom, as in "om nyom nyom nyom". "Meal" is "aah haa". They work together nicely, too: "Aah haa!" *OM NOM NOM NOM NOM*

I was lucky enough to get an extra boxed lunch left over from a meeting. The boxed lunches are catered insofar as they're cooked en masse by someone else, but they aren't take-out food. It involved a lot of basil mashed up with prawns and something else, served on rice. If only it were take-out.

I learned "corn" when a coworker brought in bpoat kombau.


Bpoat Kombau
Toss white corn (bpoat) hominy with sugar, sesame seeds, and shredded coconut. Serve cold.


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