We’re Cookin’ With Fire

Sat 27 November 2010

I finished outfitting my kitchen today.

My equipment list:

  • countertop (free with the apartment)
  • sink (free with the apartment)
  • minifridge (free with the apartment)
  • portable burner with fuel can - $10
  • electric kettle - $10 - immediately recouped by not needing bottled water
  • small aluminum wok pan, large teflon wok pan, a spatula
  • knife and cutting board
  • large aluminum bowl, plastic strainer, and vegetable peeler, for rinsing and peeling vegetables
  • two each mugs, bowls, and utensils. Plates to follow soon.
  • a few dishtowels, which double as pot holders
  • a few containers for leftovers and ant-proofing

Total kitchen startup costs were about $70: about $30 for tools and dishes, $20 for appliances, and $20 for pantry basics and cleaning supplies.

Tonight's dinner was stir-fried morning glory and carrot salad. It's nice to eat vegetables again. Now I'm set up to rinse leafy greens and snack on crudités.

I'm going to learn a lot about stir fry and one-pot meals. Any recipe suggestions?

I expect to cook mainly eggs and vegetables. This is partly to round out restaurant meals, and partly from inexperience with meat that's not sold on a styrofoam tray. It'll also be my first experience reheating food without a microwave. This promises to be an education.

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