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Sat 16 October 2010

My backpack does an admirable job, but sometimes I don't want to tote around luggage. I went shopping for something less utilitarian.

I knew about Bloom Designs before I arrived. I found the owner's blog when I researched Siem Reap. Bloom makes funky bags from recycled materials. Part of the company's mission is to create good working conditions and fair wages for their employees. I like those principles. Beyond that, the bags are very cool, so it was no hardship to find one I like.

I kept stopping by the old storefront next to The Warehouse. By luck I walked past their new shop a few streets down. I met Diana, the owner, and her husband. I always feel a little awkward when I tell someone I read their blog. I'm much more familiar with them than they are with me, and it feels a little stalker-y. But I'm glad I 'fessed up, because we had a nice chat.

After a tough choice, I settled on ....

My fabulous messenger bag, from .

CHICKEN BAG! It's waterproofed with an extra layer of plastic. Very handy this week; my flashcards are getting moldy from the damp weather. The strap and zippers are nice and sturdy, too.

CHICKEN BAG! I'll never get tired of saying it.

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