Most and Least Useful Items

Sun 24 October 2010

I'm surprised by which items I packed are the most and least useful.

Most useful: the headlamp. I thought it was a silly bit of overpacking. So many travelers swear by headlamps that I brought one along. It lives in my purse.

So far I've used it when the fuse in my hotel room has blown, as an impromptu bicycle headlight, an extra measure of visibility walking after sunset, and an aid to finding things in my backpack. My black wallet, purse, and camera case have a knack for disappearing in the black backpack.

Least useful item: an electrical adapter kit. Everything I brought can either handle 240V without a transformer or be recharged by USB through the laptop. The transformer is what tripped the fuse in my hotel room several times. It was good to have a SE Asia plug adapter on hand before I came. I found them for $3 at REI. I've since found them at the grocery store for 30 cents.

Category: Getting There