Morning Soundtrack

Wed 15 December 2010

This is what my neighborhood sounds like as it wakes up:

  • Two roosters, cis and trans, around 5.
  • Monks chanting around 5:45. Not every day, but regularly. There's a pagoda a couple streets over in the direction it comes from.
  • A backyard neighbor cooking. Metal bowls knocked into each other. Chopchopchopchopchopchopchop. The crackle of frying in oil.
  • The sparrow who perches on the bathroom window and chirps at sunrise. I think he likes how loud the echo makes him sound. He's there very morning. Another bird prefers the power line out front. Its call is similar to a screech owl's whinny, with a mourning dove's timbre.
  • Neighborkids. There must be a dozen little kids between all my neighbors. Most of them giggle. A couple of the younger ones sound like they're deep in the terrible twos.
  • Sweeping. People in my neighborhood take pride in their homes. My landlady sweeps the courtyard in front of her house every day, plus the stairs and walkways of all three floors of the apartment building.
  • Mopeds starting up as people go to work.

Category: Day to Day