More September Floods

Tue 27 September 2011

I spoke much too soon about water levels dropping. Cambodia is suffering from floods, for the second time in a month. The river has overflowed its banks. Near the Old Market and Wat Bo the water ranges from calf- to hip-deep. Several dozen people have drowned across the country. Customers can't get to restaurants or stores, and I suspect it will be very hard on local businesses.

Someone staying at my guesthouse was at Banteay Srey temple when the bridge was washed out. As another guest remarked, "When I saw that helicopter parked at the airport, I said 'That's an old Russian transport helicopter! I wonder if it still works?' I guess it does!"

I've been holed up at the guesthouse during the Pchum Ben holiday. The hospital is closed until Thursday. In my area we're out of reach of the river, though the roads flood after rain. It's been difficult to get around by bike, but there hasn't been much disruption. We're waiting to see what the tail end of Typhoon Nesat brings on Saturday.

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