Meet, Plan, Go event – September 14

Tue 07 September 2010

Briefcase to Backback is a site about planning career breaks and sabbaticals. My trip is a de facto career break, even though I'm volunteering in my field. Briefcase to Backback has some good advice on planning my return, like how to find a job while on break. I'm not thinking about that part of the story now, but it's good to have it in the back of my mind.

Now that my plans are made, I crave stories from people who have done it successfully. I keep thinking about zip lining. All I had to do was talk myself into getting to the platform and taking the first step. I alternated between telling myself "it's no big deal" and "listen to how amazing they say it is". I need fresh material. My travel rah-rah isn't convincing enough. I signed up for Meet, Plan, Go, a free adventure planning event. I'm on step three - GO! - and it still looks like it'll have good stuff for me. This will be a big pep rally.

Meet, Plan, Go is happening Tuesday evening, September 14, in a dozen US cities. See you in Boston.

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