Madam Bouton

Thu 30 June 2011

Do you recall the Malcom in the Middle episode where Dewey is left home with babysitter Bea Arthur while the rest of the family goes to the water park? Dewey and Bea don't get along. The turning point comes when Bea sorts her button collection. She catches Dewey chewing on a button. When she asks why, he says it's his favorite in the collection. Turns out it's hers too, and a mutual respect is born.

I have a big tin of buttons, mostly from the extras that come with new shirts. I rarely use them, but there's something satisfying about them.  I was delighted to discover Madam Bouton in Montmartre.


An entire store of buttons!  Every wall is covered.  The tubes are arranged  by color and material with the elegant rigor of the periodic table.  It makes me happy that there is such a place in the world.

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