Look! Up in the sky!

Mon 11 October 2010

I took advantage of the cooler weather to ride along the river. Someone suggested looking at the Royal Garden next to the palace, and there was a cafe a little further out.

I'm working on my bike mosey. When I ride to work I zip past other bikers and arrive sweaty and red-faced. That might not happen if I took it easy. Ambling doesn't come naturally, so I have to practice. It seemed to work. I was comfortable when I got to the garden.

I could hear a large flock of birds from a block away. They sounded like starlings. I parked the bike and had a look.

Take a look.

Those birds aren't birds.
Those leaves waving in the breeze aren't leaves.

They're bats.

They were content to stay up in the trees. When I think about how many insects are needed to support so large a population of big bats, I'm thankful they're there. Eat up, bat friends! Have some more, they're small.

The River Cafe was closed when I got there. A lady out front had a Khmer Snack Stand. I bought some balls of rice dough with palm sugar in the middle, which I mistook for lychees. Still tasty. Then I returned to town for a couple bottles of water and air conditioning.

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