Leftover Photos from Bangkok

Thu 10 March 2011

Here are some overlooked photos from my Bangkok trip.

Wat Pho is a very old temple next to the Royal Palace, a collection of little buildings and courtyards covered in mosaic. The layout was a hodgepodge, but that made it more fun to stumble on each new section. It reminded me of the mouse house at the Jim Thompson museum, which I saw the day before.

Mouse house:

Wat Pho is best known for its 150 foot long reclining Buddha statue.


After rounding his feet, you see that the wall is lined with brass bowls - probably 108 of them, since it's a significant number You can purchase a container of small coins for 20 baht. You drop coins into the bowls as you pass. As I walked in, I'd enjoyed the little brassy pings but had no idea what they were from . The echos and the random timing disguise the source. The visitor before me was perfectly spaced so they were dropping coins most of the time I walked down, and were gone when I reached the bowls.

Refreshments! Souveniers! Toilets! Fortune tellers! Everything you need to make your temple visit comfortable.


Krispy Kreme opened a store at the mall in another part of town. If you don't care to wait in line, there are entrepreneurs who will provide concierge service for a slight markup. We passed some doing a brisk business just outside the store. These ladies were farther afield in a shopping district.


We passed them after spending an hour in the wig store. Bangkok has a cross-dressing community, which means a FABULOUS selection of things to try. It was tempting, but I left wigless. Perhaps next time.

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