Language Lessons

Thu 14 October 2010

One of the staff runs an ad-hoc Khmer language class. A fellow volunteer and I met with him on Wednesday.

Then we went back to our desks and practiced on our poor coworker. It was a bit like A Christmas Story:


"I liiiiike coffee!" (Knom chole chet kafi!)
"I work at the hospital. WIth YOU."

It's good to learn a few verbs. My vocabulary is animal-heavy right now: cat, dog, kitten, puppy, bat, frog, toad (kind #1), toad (kind #2), ant. Now there's drama:

  • I like the cat but the cat does not like me.
  • The big cat likes to play ping-pong with the dog.
  • Where is the bat?

The conversational possibilities are endless.

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