It’s Cheerleading Week

Wed 15 September 2010

Fifteen days until I get on the plane. I'm excited, in the same heart-pounding way as when a rollercoaster climbs its last hill. Ulp. Anticipation is fine, if it stays on the positive side. To make sure, I'm spending time with people who are waving their arms and screaming 'WOOOOHOOOOOOO!' at the top of their lungs.

Chris Gullibeau's reading at the Coop last night was timed perfectly. He's doing a 50-state book tour to promote The Art of Non-Conformity. Nice guy, very approachable and humble. His blog was some of the background chorus that made me start thinking "what if..?". He's donating a portion of his royalties to Charity:Water, 100% for folks who attended the reading, so I bought a copy. I got a few good ideas from it, which I'll post later.

Tonight I'm heading to Meet, Plan, Go for another dose of enthusiasm.

Finally, I'm going to the Harry Potter exhibit at Universal Studios with my mom. She wants to go, and I don't want to wait until next summer. I'll sneak in at least one real roller coaster ride. It'll give more practice with adrenaline rushes.


Category: Getting There