High Tide

Wed 13 October 2010

It rained nonstop Monday night. I'm told this is unusual. It didn't fit the rainy season pattern of the brief daily downpour.

The storm has caused flooding. The rotary by the Old Market area is pedal-deep in water. The river is still within its banks, but storm drains are spewing up water. At least one coworker's apartment is knee-deep. I'm having flashbacks to the spring rains at home. The ground's already full of water, and there's no room to absorb more.

I put my sandals in a bag and wore flip-flops for the commute. I assume the water is the same fine quality as the Charles River after a storm. Nothing for it but to build up momentum and zip through the puddles. There's a place to rinse off at work. I've lost track of the exact location of my favorite pothole. So far I've been lucky, and haven't rediscovered it the hard way.

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