Heat Preview

Wed 01 September 2010

I'm taking advantage of the heat wave to test drive my new wardrobe. Siem Reap's climate averages in the low nineties ( low thirties in Celsius) year-round.  It's a good time to check my clothes.

I'm advised that standard dress in Cambodia is more modest: long pants or knee-length skirts, and no sleeveless shirts.  The hospital's dress code is business casual.  Some of my summer work clothes are suitable, but most are too heavy or are tank tops.  Since I'm staying several months, I'd like to have two weeks of clothes for work. I hope to supplement with things I buy there. It'll be suited to the climate and will likely pass for tasteful. I want to bring the staples with me, though, in case I can't find what I need.

It's serendipitous that it's summer clearance time.  I bought a few everyday skirts and a pair of walking sandals. The sandals passed the blister test today.

This summer's fashions are tank tops (inappropriate), capris (unflattering on my short legs), and gladiator sandals (mostly silly, though part of me wants a pair). I've had better luck at thrift stores. I've found some nice shirts at Sister Thrift. They get high-quality donations, and they support the MetroWest Humane Society. I'm working up the nerve to go to the Garment District. I'm much more comfortable with preppy than funky, and the Garment District demands a lot of shopping-fu. Some people have the knack of knowing what will work. I do better shopping WITH those people.

This week I packed up all my winter clothes. It'll be a whole year until I need them again. I weeded out a couple old jackets and scarves while I was at it. It's strange to think of skipping a season. I've never been away from the Northeast for an entire winter.

The forecast says the heat will break after Hurricane Earl chugs through. It might ease the transition if I keep wearing skirts for a while.

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