Giant Puppet Parade 2011

Sat 26 February 2011


Here's a storm demon from the annual Giant Puppet Parade. There were about ten of them this year, built and carried by swarms of schoolchildren.

At sunset the parade circled around the Old Market and along the river, where the parade segued into music. We were able to look at the puppets up close. They were built from colored tissue paper, layered over rattan-and-ziptie frameworks. Most were lit up from inside with twinkle lights. A few were built over carts, but the rest were held up on sticks.

My favorite was the giant naga. Think cobra with five pointy heads that looked like angry, blue Berts. The wiggly body was held up by a long line of kids.

The Storm Demon was joined by a Sea Goddess and little rain clouds. It was followed by a flock of birds, an ornate water buffalo, a giant bunny, and a volkswagon bug with traffic signs and public safety reminders. Those must have been the Red Cross Scouts. They were all built in the space of a couple weeks. Impressive work.

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