Everything Old is New Again

Fri 15 July 2011

What a pleasure it is to wear different clothes after nine months of the same things.  Everything in my suitcase is on an extended time-out.

My favorite clothes got packed away last when I left, which means they're the first to be unpacked.  As I go through the bins, there's a steady refrain of "I love this shirt! Oh hey, these jeans are great!"  It's like Christmas for free.

The same thing has happened with household stuff. My landlords turned the cottage into a B&B over the fall. I left many things out for use, and they added some more for ambiance.  Now I'm sharing the place for a few weeks while some family members close on their new house. I'm never quite sure who an object belongs to.  Several times I've admired something only to realize it's mine. Sweet!

Category: Coming Back