Cooking Class

Wed 13 October 2010

I took a cooking class at Le Tigre de Papier, a restaurant on Pub Street. I signed up for the Saturday evening session with another volunteer from the hospital.

While we waited, we each picked an entree and an appetizer to make from the menu. I picked mango salad and amok fish, which is cooked with curry spices and coconut cream.

The class began with a brief tour of the produce market next door. The 10AM class had already done the shopping for the day, so our tour was mainly on the theme of "what IS that??" A couple ladies sell fresh rice noodles from a big bowl. You say how much you want, and they measure it out. I've only seen them as dried bricks. I'm intrigued. When I have a kitchen, fresh noodles are at the top of the list of things to try.

Back at the restaurant we climbed to the open-air rooftop kitchen on the third floor. I was glad for the breeze. Even outside, it was sweat-rolling-down-my-spine hot. It would have been sweltering indoors.

Although it's an open space, it was meticulously clean. The steel countertops were gleaming, and all of the tools swaddled in saran wrap. Our ingredients were bundled onto plates while we were out.


We used nifty serrated peelers to shred vegetables. I need to find one for my kitchen.

The chef showed us the secret method of making tomato roses for garnish. They covertly improved our presentation before the plates arrived at our table. If I hadn't been in the class, I'd never suspect I made it myself.

The class took about three hours, followed by dinner. It was a bargain meal and entertainment at $12. We each had more food than we could eat. I hope I can duplicate it later.

The restaurant will email us the recipes. I can only recall the one for dessert.

Pumpkin Custard
1 small pumpkin, hollowed out. Keep the lid.
3 eggs
1 soup-ladle sugar
1 soup-ladle coconut cream

Whisk eggs, sugar, and cream. Pour into the pumpkin. Put the lid back on, and steam for an hour. It's done when the pumpkin is soft. Cut into slices and serve hot.

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