Cheerleading Week Continues

Mon 20 September 2010

Tuesday's Meet, Plan, Go psyched me up just as I'd hoped.

I got some good advice from Jessica from Hedgehogs Without Borders. She and Tim traveled in Cambodia. She answered some of my packing questions, and was all-around encouraging.

Bob Riel donated a copy of Two Laps Around the World to the raffle. I won! Talk about hard core - he and his wife have made the long trek twice. I'm enjoying the book so far, and will finish this week. Since my book boxes are already packed, I'll offer it up to the crowd. If you'd like to read it next, contact me with your mailing address.

Tonight I'm home from a quick trip to Universal Studios Orlando with Mom. I made sure to go on roller coasters and similar rides so I could practice adrenaline rushes. I hoped that metabolic button would break if I pushed it enough, or at least get blunted.

To complete Cheerleading Week, I'm having a little Joe Versus the Volcano marathon. The luggage scene is much on my mind. The secure backback I ordered makes me look like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Looks like I may fall back on my old Eagle Creek pack. Stay tuned.

Category: Getting There