Back in Boston

Thu 14 July 2011

It's wonderful to be home. I grinned like a fool when I  heard a Logan employee with a Southie accent.  Ten steps beyond the luggage pick-up I passed a Dunkin Donuts.

There have been a few double-take moments as I readjust to the States.

  • I was upset to be swarmed by mosquitoes. Then I remembered there's no dengue fever*  in Boston, and relaxed.
  • I understand the entire conversation at dinner.
  • Per good French manners, I say hello to the clerk when I enter a store.  The clerks are startled and think I need help.
  • Per good Khmer manners, I use both hands to offer money or a business card. Halfway through I catch myself and try to look casual, but the whole thing looks awkward.

There was no readjustment to driving. The Cambodian traffic rules, which are like the rules for downhill skiing, stayed behind with my bicycle. The roads of Boston are safe.

* Note: If you stumbled on this entry because you're planning a trip to Cambodia, may I ask that you consider donating blood while you're there? 2011 is a bad year for dengue fever, and they need blood donations to get patients through it. Blood donations are done with the same sterile equipment and procedures as in the West - new, single-use equipment unwrapped before your eyes, and a snack and thank-you t-shirt to send you on your way. Your gift will be much appreciated.

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