Sat 02 October 2010


I arrived at Siem Reap at 10:30PM. This was shot with my iPhone as I headed inside. The picture quality is terrible, but it matched my state of mind after 24+ hours on the road.

I'm indebted to the nice Canadian couple who loaned me their pen to finish my visa application.

The customs staff was efficient and pleasant. A long line of officials processed my visa and pasted an official certificate in my passport. The passport officer asked a couple questions about my plans and whether someone was meeting me. Was he here yet? I blurted "I sure hope so, because my bags are really heavy and it's a long way to walk." Oops, that was my outside voice. The officer had a good sense of humor, and took it in stride.

The hospital volunteer coordinator was waiting with a car, as planned. I arrived at the guesthouse within the hour and got settled.

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