A Taste of Autumn

Sun 26 September 2010

There's a little list of things I want to do before I go. Most of them have to do with autumn.

Autumn is my favorite season. I'm sorry I'll miss it. I got a taste of it this weekend when I visited friends in western Massachusetts.


Here's a maple on Mount Skinner in Holyoke. Mount Skinner has a splendid view of the Pioneer Valley. We saw hints of color, but the patchwork of maples, beech, and oak hasn't really gotten started.

Most of my don't-miss autumn activities are done:

  • Drink some apple cider. The supermarket has had it for a few weeks. It tastes young, but can't be mistaken for apple juice.
  • Have a cider donut. Atkins Farm makes very good ones.
  • Honeycrips apples. Macouns are a close second, but honeycrisps are my favorite.
  • See the Harvest Moon. I kayaked on the pond a few nights ago. The moon is huge and bright enough to read by.

I didn't get out to any hawk migration watch sites, but it's still early for them. I may yet do that other most traditional New England activity: closing storm windows and putting up window plastic.

In four days I'll be back in 90+ degree weather.

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